a “Protein cream” hazelnut spread IGP


Protein Cream, hazelnut paste I.G.P. 100% pure, gluten free, without fats and preservatives. Rich in vitamin E, fiber and mineral salts such as calcium and magnesium; has high antioxidant properties. Ideal for a healthy and complete spread or spoon breakfast. Perfect for sports nutrition, a source of protein for muscle development.


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No GMOs (for those who do not know what GMOs are, by following this link you will find out what it is), no dyes, no preservatives, lactose free (inability to digest lactose), the main milk sugar. Among our products in the new Fitness line you will also find our new chocolate and banana shakes.

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Ingredients: 100% hazelnuts.NET WEIGHT 200g

Etichetta valori nutrizionali

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL VALUES per 100 g of productEnergy value 2895kJ / 700 kcalFat 62 g of which saturated fat 4.5 gCarbohydrates 18 g of which sugars 4.8 gFibers 9.2 gProtein 13 gSalt 00.2 g


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