Apricot puff pastry heart 200 g Elite Family


The hearts of San Besso are rediscovered from an ancient Canavese recipe: dozens of very thin fragrant and light sheets with a sweet apricot filling.


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Apricot puff pastry heart 200 g Elite Family A story made of passion, sweetness and tradition. A particular sheet that requires long manual processing and precise rest times. A laborious, delicate but unique product! Simple ingredients of excellent quality: stone-ground flour, butter, vegetable margarine to avoid making the dough too heavy, water, salt and jam or chocolate. It does not contain eggs or yeast. Ideal for breakfast or for a delicious snack, try also the heart of puff pastry with chocolate or the heart of puff pastry with berries!

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Ingredients: stone-ground wheat flour, apricot fruit puree 40% (apricot puree 41%, glucose syrup, sucrose, gelling agents: pectin; concentrated lemon juice, flavorings), butter, vegetable fats 59% (palm oil , coconut oil, rapeseed oil), water, natural butter flavoring, emulsifiers (mono and glycerides of fatty acids, sunflower lecithin, esters of diacetyl tartaric acid of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), salt, regulators of acidity (lactic acid, citric acid), coloring (beta-carotene), sugar, malt, salt.

Other allergens: may contain traces of peanuts and nuts

Storage: once opened, consume within 7 days


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