Hazelnut spread cream


Delicious spreadable cream obtained exclusively from natural hazelnuts, toasted and reduced in dough by pre-refinement and refinement toasting process.

Produced with 30% of Italian hazelnuts.



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Hazelnut spreadable cream, handcrafted maintaining its organoleptic properties. GMO free (for those who do not know what GMOs are, by following this link you will find out what it is), gluten-free (Sensitivity to gluten), lactose-free (inability to digest lactose, the main milk sugar, without preservatives, gluten-free. Seeds obtained from almond fruits by physical separation of the most external parts, almonds exclusively of Sicilian production. Among our products of the new Fitness line you will also find our peeled almonds in the 40 g pack.

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Ingredients: 30% hazelnuts, sucrose, non-hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats, skimmed MILK powder, MILK whey powder, SOY lecithin emulsifier, flavorings.NET WEIGHT 200g

Etichetta valori nutrizionali

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL VALUES per 100 g of productEnergy: 2341 kJ / 561 kcalFats: 34,5 g Saturated fats: 09,0 gCarbohydrates: 55,1 g Sugars: 35,0 gFibers: 02,1 gProteins: 07,5 gSalt: 00,02 g


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