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GustoÉlite is the new FOOD REVOLUTION

About Us

Born from passion and dedication in selecting one by one the noblest fruits, choosing quality Italian raw materials to give life to excellent handmade products with an intense and natural taste.
It cancels all industrial transformation processes because it TAKES CARE OF YOUR HEALTH.

Together with our Dr. Teresa Mannarino – Dietician of the Medical Team of Turin – we have selected our products, inserting them in meal kits, perfectly balanced between vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats in order to offer the body the daily needs it needs.

About Us

ideal for the needs of the whole family and even the little ones.
Tired of thinking about breakfast?
Sick of packaged snacks?

Choose our KIT breakfast and snacks … you’ll discover the difference!

About Us

natural products for pre and post training.
Want a boost of energy and really nourish your muscles?
Choose PROTEIN only obtained from natural processes that do not alter the organoleptic properties of food.
Our kits are perfectly balanced for pre- and post-workout.

Thanks to Dr. Teresa Mannarino, Dietary expert, we offer daily advice on our products to help you eat in a conscious and healthy way without giving up the pleasure of taste.

GUSTOÉLITE a project always in shape

In an increasingly demanding society, all of us are continually becoming protagonists and recipients of food information because in fact, food concerns each and every one of us.
What is missing, however, is the right information with the risk of becoming victims of misleading advertising.

What does protein product mean?
What does “no sugar” mean?
What does genuine mean?

Dr. Teresa Mannarino, a dietician expert in nutrition, will be our food consultant to help you eat in a conscious way by guiding you in the choice of our products.

Why choose our products?

Because they are Italian products, often territorial, genuine, chosen taking into account the environmental impact and as part of a balanced diet studied ad hoc are able to give us the desired benefits.

Dr. Teresa Mannarino
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